Creep review notes:

- Oh, another found footage movie. Sigh. Won't this format just die already? How long is this thing?

- Okay, so a documentary filmmaker is given a mystery assignment of sorts. All he knows is that it's a day's work for pretty good pay. Patrick Brice plays the filmmaker. Has he been in anything? I don't think I've seen him before.

- Ohhhhh, Patrick Brice is also the director. He made The Overnight, which I haven't seen yet.

- Hey, it's Mark Duplass! I'll probably end up giving this three stars. For some reason, that's the rating I give to almost everything involving Mark Duplass. Dude makes a lot of solid little movies.

- Duplass and Brice co-wrote this. Okay.

- Turns out that Mark Duplass is the guy who hired the filmmaker. He's dying of cancer, and wants to make a video for his unborn child. Well, that's touching/sad. He got the idea from the Michael Keaton movie My Life.

- Never saw My Life, but it has a really nice John Barry score. Find a way to mention this?

- Duplass' performance is increasingly creepy. I guess he's the Creep. Seems to be a big fan of jump-scares (he calls them “jokes”) and inappropriate hugs. What's his deal?

- Duplass take a bath, and he pretends that his infant son is in the tub with him. This is... awkward.


- Now they're going for a long walk in the woods. This isn't going to end well, is it?

- I have to admit, Creep is making pretty good use of the found footage format. Dammit. Consistently inventive on a visual level.

- Does a full browser history really slow your internet down? Huh. 

- A five-minute scene in total darkness. Bold move, and a very interesting one. Reminds me of the old radio plays I used to listen to. This could be an episode of Inner Sanctum. Don't think you could use the words "animal porn" on Inner Sanctum, though.

- Duplass is so good in this. There are a million demons lurking beneath that chipper surface.

- Brice is okay. Second half is losing a little steam because it gives him a lot more time in front of the camera. Good writer/director, middling actor.

- The decision to leave the film (mostly) scoreless works. The tone is quietly sinister, but the silence gives it a certain ambiguity.

- Love that the climax features both the most gorgeous and most terrifying shot of the movie – and they're both the same shot. It also has the most unsettling sound effect.

- That last tag is creepy. Not sure I buy it, but... creepy. Creep is creepy. That's clever, right? Use that.

- Looks like they're making a sequel to this. Like most horror sequels, it will probably lack the power of the first. That faint trace of uncertainty is what makes this film work as well as it does.

- Really admire the way the film's ending comments on Creep's relationship with the viewer without getting too self-indulgently meta.

- I'm gonna have nightmares about that wolf mask.


Rating: ★★ (out of four)
MPAA Rating: R
Running Time: 77 minutes
Release Year: 2015