Site Updates: IMDb, Newsletters and Exciting Casting News

Hey folks! We're over two months into this thing now. The site's readership is growing and I'm rather pleased with the feedback I've been getting thus far. There are still a few things to fine-tune and little bugs to work out, but overall I think it's been a smooth launch. *does a victory dance, realizes he can't dance, stops dancing* Here are a few updates on some different things happening with the site. Please note: one of these things is a lie.

- I'm pleased to report that the reviews featured on this site are now accessible through the “external reviews” section of individual movie pages on IMDb. This is a relatively insignificant thing, I suppose – admission to the external reviews section is hardly an indicator of quality - but I'm quite happy about it nonetheless. During my years as a budding movie buff, I discovered quite a few intelligent critics/interesting websites through IMDb, and the thought that someone else might discover this site the same way makes me all sentimental. Insert syrupy string music here.

- The newsletter still isn't up and running yet, and I apologize for the delay. It will happen sooner or later, and once it does it'll be sent out on a consistent schedule. I'll put together a more detailed blog post about what the newsletter offers once the ball gets rolling.

- I'm not really supposed to talk about this, but Marvel and Sony have informed me that I'll be starring in the forthcoming Spider-Man reboot. I'm working with a personal trainer on transforming all of my body fat into muscle, and working with a plastic surgeon on making my face look at least a decade younger (hopefully the changes will be permanent, as my contract locks me in to the next eighteen Spider-Man films). Really looking forward to working with director Rob Schneider! Call me crazy, but I really think this could be even better than Big Stan.

- Have a movie you'd like to see reviewed on the site? If so, I'm open to requests. While I can't guarantee that every request will be filled, I'll do my to make requested titles a higher priority than they might be otherwise. A helpful tip: if the title you've requested is currently streaming on Netflix, Hulu+ or Amazon Prime, your odds improve considerably.

Thanks for reading! I hope you've been enjoying the content featured on the site thus far. We're just getting started, so keep coming back every day for new reviews.