Chapter Three: In Which Clark Waves a White Flag

The short version of this post:

I'm caving and changing my schedule to five reviews per week.

The long version:

This past weekend, my wife and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary. Our one-year-old came down with a fever, which meant we had to cancel most of the big plans we had made. So, we just stayed home, took care of the kid while he was awake, and played board games while he was asleep. It wasn't what we had planned, but it was nice: the three of us just spending some quality time together. I spend a good deal of time with my family in general – I've seen enough generic “workaholic dads suck!” movies to get the message, thank you very much – but over the weekend, I was struck by the realization that we've had too few opportunities to just be.

I thought about how quickly the past decade has gone by. I imagine the next one will pass with even greater speed.

That brings me to the other thing that happened this weekend. On Friday, an elderly co-worker told me that he would need to take a day off the following week, because he needed to take his wife to the doctor. I asked him how his wife was feeling these days. He told me that her dementia had become severe, and that there were countless things she could no longer remember.

“It must be tough taking care of her all by yourself,” I said.

“It can be,” he said. “But the thing that's toughest is that we just can't have conversations like we used to. We used to talk about all kinds of stuff. News, our kids, the radio station, TV, whatever. I just took that for granted, because it was part of the daily routine. I didn't realize how much that meant to me until it was gone.”

Over the weekend, his wife's health took a turn for the worse. As I write this, she's in the hospital, and we don't yet know just how serious things might be.

Again, I find myself struck by a feeling that I need to re-examine my priorities.

This stuff may be too heavy for a blog post about a movie review publishing schedule. However, I felt it was only fair to share some of the things that triggered this decision. This isn't any sort of grand gesture (though it is, admittedly, a betrayal of this site's original mission... indeed, just over three months ago, I wrote another blog post re-emphasizing my commitment to publishing reviews on a daily basis). I love writing, and I'm going to continue doing a great deal of it. However, this is a small attempt on my part to carve out a little more room in my life for the moments that really matter.

So: from here on out, reviews will be published Monday-Friday. If there are weeks where I end up watching more movies than I actually have time to review, I may throw together a handful of capsule reviews as a blog post... but, we'll play that by ear. Now back to your regular (re)scheduled programming.