Chapter Four: In Which Clark Realizes That He Is Basically Thumper

When I first came up with the idea of trying to write a movie review every single day, one of the first things I did was poke around online to see how many other people had tried something along those lines. There were a number of blogs and websites built around similar ideas, and as I moved from site to site, I began to notice a common theme: pretty much all of them had dropped the whole “movie review every day” premise and only posted new stuff occasionally (if they posted at all). I reacted the same way Thumper did when he was told about the possibility of twitterpation: “Well, it's not gonna happen to me!”

I regret to inform you that it has, in fact, happened to me.

Back in April, I decided that I needed have a bit more quality time with my family, so I reduced my schedule to a mere five reviews per week. It worked well for a while, but life is busier now than it was then. I have some new work responsibilities that have added some hours to my day job. I have some new home maintenance tasks to deal with that will reduce the amount of writing time I have. I have two plays I'll be appearing in before the year is out, and other acting assignments are on the horizon. My wife pointed out the obvious: something's gotta give.

Much as I love doing this, the movie reviews are the obvious choice. So, starting today, the website is transitioning into yet another one of those “I'm just going to post stuff when I can” affairs. It might only be one or two reviews per week. If I have time, it might be more than that. However, I'll be as active as usual on Twitter, and will probably start throwing up some bite-sized reviews over there from time to time (I'm @365movieguy). Mike, if you're reading this: I'm talking about one or two tweets, not those sprawling tweet-storms you used to complain about – please don't unfollow me.

To everyone who's been reading: thank you. I hope you'll continue to do so, despite the fact that there won't be quite as much to read. See you at the movies.